Wow. This Northwestern quest is starting to feel more and more like the ’69 Cubs.

Woke up Sunday morning after that 63-62 heartbreaker at Indiana, trying to remember. Was that a dream? Or just a nightmare?

Exactly when did that black cat run across the Assembly Hall court?

The Wildcats built a 12-point first-half lead, and gave up 22 straight points—including a three-quarter-court halftime buzzer beater to be down 10 at the break.

They bounced back for a seven-point lead with 93 seconds to play. And still lost.

Had to delete—well, postpone—that congratulatory Tweet. It’s pretty clear that one more regular-season win the will give Northwestern its first NCAA bid in the history of the tournament.

Even with two daunting regular-season games left, I still think they are going to make it. But with five losses in their last seven games, what once looked like a given now looks problematic. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.