Is Indiana the best coaching job in the Big Ten?

I think not. True, it is one of the most storied programs in America, in an elite group of six or eight schools around the nation in terms of history.

But in the current world, I would rate the Hoosiers job no better than fifth in the Big Ten.

I bring this up for two reasons. First, after much speculation that sharp-shooting Hoosier legend Steve Alford might return to Bloomington, Dayton’s Archie Miller was hired as the new IU coach.

Good move by the Hoosiers. Miller is an accomplished young coach who figures to restore Indiana to the championship-contender status it covets—in the Big Ten and nationally.

Second, my good friend Teddy Greenstein ranked the Big Ten jobs the other day in the Chicago Tribune, and he put the Indiana job at the top of the Big Ten totem pole.

The Tribune, as Midwesterners know, has billed itself as the “World’s Greatest Newspaper’’ for a century. So we probably shouldn’t argue with the Big Ten coaching rankings of an authority like that.

But let’s do it, anyway.

Here’s why Indiana isn’t the best job in the league.

The Hoosiers have been very average, if not angst-ridden, for a quarter-century. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.