For almost a decade, the question about which was the best conference in college football was almost rhetorical.  The Southeastern Conference was the obvious answer. You started with the run of 7 consecutive national championships, running from 2006 until 2013. You could talk about Alabama, which has won 4 of the last 7 titles.

The SEC’s status could best be described by a comment made by Sugar Bowl CEO Paul Hoolahan who once was asked if he was worried about the Sugar Bowl having a good match up in any given year, said, “”Not really. I’ve got Secretariat (the SEC champion which was usually Alabama).

Oh, there were conferences that made noises.  The Pac-12 had a mini-dynasty in USC a decade ago, but NCAA infractions dismantled that.  Ohio State has been a player since Urban Meyer said Hello, Columbus a few years ago. The Big 12 hasn’t been a real factor since Texas was still hooking horns with the big boys under Mack Brown, although Oklahoma had a nice run under Bob Stoops and teams such as Baylor, TCU and West Virginia have had their moments.

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