Baronne Gravier is a street corner in New Orleans, not an LSU player. Photo credit: Malcolm Moran

There may be nothing of substance to report on LSU football until the Sept. 2 opener against Brigham Young because Tigers’ coach Ed Orgeron has closed ALL preseason practices to the media.

We thought it would take Orgeron longer than this to become 100% certified in SEC coaching paranoia, but it turns out he’s way ahead of schedule.

Bobby Boucher’s mama, on behalf of the press, put out the following statement: “You playing the Fooze-ball behind my back!?”

This blackout of LSU gives us the opportunity to play my favorite parlor game when I am in Louisiana.

“Street Corner in New Orleans, or player on LSU’s current football roster?”

It works like this: I give you two words and you have to guess whether it’s a player or a street corner.

Example: Napoleon Claiborne.

It may sound like the Tigers’ backup linebacker but it’s a street corner in New Orleans. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.