When it comes to SEC football, I have a soft spot for LSU. Alabama is either good or miserable. Florida was OK with Spurrier, but has become kind of boring. Tennessee wasn’t all that interesting even when Phillip Fulmer had it going. Georgia hardly ever smiles. Auburn could give you whiplash.

You could go down the line; they’re so dadgum serious in the land of hurricanes and sweet tea.

Not LSU. Win or lose, the Tigers always seem to be entertaining. Les “the Mad Hatter’’ Miles is gone. But Ed Orgeron, who replaced him in late September, is a Bayou native who will test the axiom that “You can’t go home.’’

He already has the first three words down. He told the media, “You can’t go to practice.’’ The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.