An irreverent look at things said, tweeted, posted and gone amuck in college football

Ok, I surrender (but not at Appomattox).

Fathom, a year ago, anyone typing this line: “ESPN reassigned its announcer for Virginia’s opening game in Charlottesville because his name is Robert Lee.”

Has the world completely lost its moorings?

ESPN, in an attempt to be politically sensitive to serious events that face this nation, instead turned a “nothing burger” into a national controversy.

There was NO reason for ESPN to call attention to this non-story. No one outside the alumni base was going to watch Virginia vs. William & Mary. It is possible Robert Lee on the play-by-play  might have created a few snarky tweets on Twitter. That’s it.

Instead, ESPN has had to deal with the fringe freaks already convinced the “S” in ESPN stands for “Snowflake.” The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.