Johnny Dee, who had a good run with Austin Carr as the basketball coach at Notre Dame before Digger Phelps, once told me a wonderful little story. (Bear with me; I’ll connect the dots. I promise.)

Sports Illustrated was doing a big takeout on Carr and the Irish. Before it ran, the writer called Dee and told him the story would say that Dee sits at center court smoking a cigar while his lead assistant, Gene Sullivan (who later had some success at Loyola in Chicago), runs practice.

The SI writer didn’t want Dee to be offended.

“Why would I be?’’ Dee told the SI guy. “I’m the boss. I should get to sit at center court and smoke a cigar.’’

Which brings me to this year’s Ohio State football team. I very much doubt that Urban Meyer will be sitting on the 50 yardline smoking a cigar. But with Greg Schiano running his defense and Kevin Wilson running his offense, Meyer could.

Schiano won at Rutgers. Wilson won at Indiana.

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