Another season of college football, which means another season of wagering (for entertainment purposes only). The rule of thumb is that if you go above .500 picking against the spread you are having a good day or a good season.

Last year, A Jersey Guy went 24-19-1 against the spread, which is probably about a B or a B-.

We’ve added a new twist this season. 3 games vs. the spread, three games predicting the over /under (points scored in the game).

So let’s look at Week 1 with our games of  chance.

The Games

Colorado State plus  6.5 against Colorado (Game is in Denver)

Appalachian State plus 14 at Georgia

Kent State plus 40 at Clemson


Washington at. Rutgers, O/U 52

Boston College at Northern IMllinois, O/U 46

Troy at Boise State, O/U 57


As part of our bonus coverage, we give  you the second season of The Locksmith, who was an astounding 10-3-1 last season against the spread.

His games:

Maryland plus 17.5 at Texas


Bowling Green at Michigan State, O/U 56

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