Woke up Saturday hotter than a tin cat on a Chino Hills roof–or something like that.  It was so hot, 110 here Friday, my pair of Lonzo Ball shoes melted.

SoCal Edison put us on an energy-savings pitch count, turning off our air conditioning for the six hours we needed it most.

I didn’t cool off much upon learning USC’s home opener against Western Michigan was on the Pac 12 Network, still unavailable to millions of us peons who bow to the altar of DirecTV.

Here we go again.

Trolls on Twitter hammered me for not caving into Pac extortion demands. Commissioner Larry Scott plays hard ball in negotiations and it’s my fault?


I swore allegiance to DirecTV long before Pac Net was a gleam in anyone’s eye, mostly for the NFL Sunday Ticket, so I’m still holding firm.

“Quit being a doofus and get Pac12 Network,” a guy tweeted me.

Another wondered “Are you an activist or a journalist?”

Rank-man or Rank-mouse?

I was accused of dereliction of duty because I refuse to pay for a slate of games that includes Portland State at Oregon State, full well knowing I had just seen enough of the Beavers on real TV against Colorado State. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.