It was a tough week for the Big Ten. . . bashers.

The Midwestern Behemoths strutted their stuff against opponents from sea to shining sea, winning 10 out of 12 nonconference encounters.

Even the two losers did a lot of encouraging things.

Rutgers—which is usually the punch line, if not the punching bag—made No. 8 Washington sweat into the third quarter, trailing only 10-7 in a 30-14 loss. What an encouraging opener for second-year coach Chris Ash.

Purdue, better known as Pur-don’t lately, one-upped Rutgers, leading No. 16 Louisville and Heisman Trophy winner Lamar Jackson 28-25 in the fourth quarter before falling 35-28. What a great debut for new Boilermakers coach Jeff Brohm.

A Big Ten tailender scaring the daylights out of an ACC ranked team? That ought to muffle those utterances about ACC supremacy.

The Big Ten also fared well in its marquee matchup. No. 11 Michigan throttled No. 17 Florida 33-17 in Arlington, Tex. Even if half of the Gators roster was standing in the corner rather than playing due to bad behavior, 11 rushing yards is an awfully impressive number for the Wolverines defense. That’s barely one yard per new defensive starter.

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