It’s always a tricky deal, showing confidence in a team this week that looked good last week. But unlike Week 1, at least we have something to make precarious assumptions on.

That’s this week’s premise, anyway, after a shaky opening week.

I was really tempted to weigh in on Oklahoma-Ohio State, where I like the Buckeyes. But I also like the Sooners QB. And Auburn-Clemson, except that there are too many unknowns when you’re talking about a supposedly ascending Auburn against a Deshaun-Watson-less Clemson. And how, exactly, do you separate Tigers from Tigers?

So let’s just stay in Big Ten Country.


Ohio plus-3-1/2 at Purdue

Pitt plus 20-1/2 at Penn State

Indiana minus-3 at Virginia


Northwestern at Duke (55)

Iowa at Iowa State (48)

Florida Atlantic at Wisconsin (57-1/2) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.