This is where we sit as an addled, over-saturated society. The WORST place to be Saturday was at an actual game, because that meant you were only at one game.

That was special in 1968.

The prime seat these days is planted, on a couch, or plastered at a bar, or plastered on a couch, tethered to electrical devices and the whims of network executives.

The downside to this seven deadly sins-li-ness on Saturday was trying to navigate a ridiculous glut of games, simultaneously, while being sensory-overloaded with every known Swiss-Army knife apparatus produced by Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, Bluetooth, Sling (7-day free trial) and Hulu.

How about staggering some of this love around?

Our genius alpha-male programmers, in ruthless competition with other networks, but also with their own, left us with these games in progress at the same time.

–Auburn at Clemson (ESPN)

–Oklahoma at Ohio State (ABC)

–Georgia at Notre Dame (NBC)

–Stanford at USC. (Fox).


Why not just move Christmas and Fourth of July into the same time slot? There was also Hurricane Irma to monitor, on the Weather Channel, which brought on an entirely different subset of jangled nerves. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.