In college-football picking, same as in relief pitching, it’s best to have a short-term memory. That’s why I sometimes don’t remember what I picked five minutes after I picked them.

But rest assured, these picks are based on momentary sound logic—in an illogical sport.

So we’re under .500 because Penn State only answered with a field goal after Pitt punched in a meaningless late TD.

Just another game, like Akron, coach Franklin said. Except for that part about having ended the nation’s longest streak of covering against the spread.

Oh, well. . .

Kind of a quiet week, relatively speaking, in college football after a jam-packed opening fortnight.

I don’t know why I’ve got this thing for Hoosier State football this fall. But I do. So I’m going to give you my thoughts on who-knew Purdue and disappointed Notre Dame, in place of postponed Indiana.

As Paul Hornung used to say when signing off from his long-ago Chicago radio show, “Good luck in sports.’’


Purdue plus-7-1/2 at Missouri

Army plus-30 at Ohio State

Notre Dame minus-13 at Boston College


Wisconsin at BYU (40-1/2)

Colorado State at Alabama (53-1/2)

Middle Tennessee at Minnesota (50) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.