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News flash: The University of Arizona bused 317 miles to El Paso for last Friday night’s football game:

Reaction: That sounds like high school, all right, except this was a Pac 12 team going Greyhound. Wait a minute. The conference signed a $3 billion deal with ESPN and FOX. The Pac 12 commissioner makes $4 million annually and Arizona Coach Rich Rodriguez earns $2.2. That worked out to almost $1 million per win, last year, for Rich Rod.

Arizona made the move to save a little money. Somehow, the athletic department is on the road to seeing red, so taking the bus to UTEP last Friday made fiscal sense. I also guarantee you this story will be clipped, saved and shared by other Pac 12 schools as a recruiting tool.

Oregon might have tried this, but the players would have had their own personal limos and a ride-along nutritionist.

From a sportswriter’s standpoint, however, the U of A made the right move. We on the college football traveling circuit long had a “three-hour” rule on road trips: The rule was: if you could drive the trip in less than three hours, rent a car. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.