You’ll never hear a negative peep from me about our football-playing service academies: Army, Navy, Air Force.

But, come on, Army. Really?

The Cadets cost Rankman a win last week by doing something they should never do: throw the ball. Army routed Fordham this year, with 500-plus rushing yards and no completed passes.

So Rankman took a chance on Army, getting two points last week at Tulane. Army lost by four because it completed two passes–both to Tulane. One of the picks was in Tulane’s end zone. The Army pick still looked solid until Tulane drove the length of the field, converting three times on fourth down, to score the game-winning TD.


Anyhow, on to this week’s picks with renewed hope and a mythical line of credit.  We’re going to mix it up this week with a few mainstream games mixed with college football theater of the obscure.

The Games

Colorado State giving 7 1\2 at HAWAII

Ohio U giving 8 1\2 at UMASS

UTEP getting 24 at ARMY


Ohio State at RUTGERS (53 1\2)

Colorado at UCLA (68)

Arizona State at STANFORD (63 1\2) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.