Basking in my second straight week of going 5-1.

Nicely done, Iowa, for covering. Thank you for that big second half, Michigan. Good work, Middle Tennessee. Could have used one more field goal, Nebraska, but stuff happens. And good offensive work by Ohio State and Alabama, piling up over/under points.

Do you realize how many TMG subscriptions you could have treated your friends to if you had wagered a mere ??? Never mind. This is for amusement only.

And you’re only as good as your last week in the picking business. Which is why this shapes up as another perilous week.

The marquee games are few and far between. And this is the time of year when weird upsets start happening. I say `weird’ because certain teams start deviating from their form chart. Under-performers suck it up. Over-acheivers develop hidden nicks.

And it generally takes hindsight to identify these certain teams. So I’m sticking with trends in this week’s games.

Here they are:


Iowa plus 3-1/2 at Michigan State

Georgia minus-7 at Tennessee

Ohio State minus-29-1/2 at Rutgers

Maryland plus 12-1/2 at Minnesota


Northwestern at Wisconsin (49)

Northern Illinois at San Diego State (45-1/2) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.