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When USC Coach Clay Helton answered,  “We’re aware of the situation,” on Tuesday’s Pac 12 coaches’ weekly conference call, he was referring to:

A) The fact O.J. Simpson has been released on parole and is likely going to ask for a sideline pass for Nov. 18 game against UCLA at the Coliseum. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the 1967 “Game of the Century” in which Simpson’s 64-yard touchdown run knocked top-ranked UCLA from the ranks of unbeaten.

B) This week’s NCAA national stats release in which former starter Max Browne, who transferred to Pitt after losing his starting job last year, currently has a higher passing efficiency rating than Sam Darnold.

C) His Trojans dropping nine spots in the polls after a three-point loss and being light years, competitively, from the top two teams in the country: Alabama and Clemson.

D) The Pullman police department investigating an incident last Friday night in which one of his players decked a Washington State fan on the field after the Cougars’ 30-27 victory.

E) The possibility Helton could be called as a character witness for Tony Bland, the former USC basketball assistant arrested last week in an FBI corruption probe, who has hired the lawyer who defended John Gotti Jr. and currently represents drug kingpin “El Chapo.”

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