Two straight weeks of 3-3 against the line makes me a ho-hum 6-6 and looking forward to six of one, and one half-dozen of the other, for the rest of season.  Being a 50-50 guy is so wishy-washy. I’d rather win big or lose big. Going 3-3 is like getting a limp, fish handshake from Lumpy Rutherford.  I’m North Texas Mean Green with envy over the TMG picking success of Herb Gould, Jersey Guy and mysterious “Locksmith,” who have collectively posted a remarkable 48-29-1 record against the Vegas line through six weeks. That’s just absurd. If they were using real money they’d all be rich, smoking cigars and losing all that hard-earned cash at the horse races, or some illegal cock-fight operation in Juarez. Rankman and Mr. College Football are definitely bringing down the over-under TMG neighborhood. But never count us over and out. We have improved our picking technique of late with help from corrupt gambling tutors at the University of North Carolina. Don’t worry. It’s all on the up-and-up and no one is going to lose any championships. I must also confess to getting suckered at least once with phony “inside” information from a certain TMG member that cost me a victory. Keep your friends close, as they say, and your co-founders closer.   


The Games

Rutgers getting 2 at ILLINOIS

Colorado giving 11 at OREGON STATE

Utah getting 12 at USC



Ohio State at Nebraska (56 1\2)

Oregon at Stanford (58)

Arkansas at ALABAMA (55)

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