Last week’s 3-3 may not look like much. But when you start out 0-2—who knew that Bowling Green’s offense would show up and Northwestern’s wouldn’t?—it’s a wonderful thing.

After covering Penn State-Northwestern, I was driving north to the land of Badgers and Packers, and the XM radio delivered palpable excitement twice. First, Miami pulled out a thriller at Florida State. And then, after a 90-minute weather delay, Purdue woke up against Minnesota. In other words, 3-3 felt much better than disaster.

So I’m pleased to be 22-14 overall, with 14-7 against the spread and 8-7 on over/unders. In light of that, and because I’ve always felt ATS is meat-and-potatoes, let’s downsize the O/U exposure this week.


Ohio State minus-24 at Nebraska

Georgia Tech plus-5 at Miami

Purdue plus-16-1/2 at Wisconsin

Arkansas plus-29 at Alabama

Oklahoma minus-8 vs. Texas


Michigan State at Minnesota (40-1/2)

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