Things we learned in Week 7. . . Well, things I Iearned, anyway.


It’s lonely at the top. The Pac-12 can stop fretting about having an unbeaten team on shaky College Football Playoff ground.

Washington joined Washington State in having a rough weekend, falling 13-7 in a shocker at Arizona State. That leaves no unbeaten Pac-12 teams, if you’re keeping score at home.

What that means in Flyover Country is that Penn State, or Ohio State, or Wisconsin—one of them will be there—just moved up in the playoff pecking order. They also received yet another memo that one slip on the tarmac can change your whole itinerary.


Dabo Swinney and Mike Leach probably would vote to preserve the sanctity of Friday night football for high schools.

It certainly did nothing for their sanity. Clemson lost 27-24 at Syracuse. And Washington State got drilled 37-3 at Cal.

As my buddy Blau pointed out, this could be a path to the New Orleans  semi-final for Clemson for a College Football Playoff berth. . . as the No. 4. . . playing Alabama, the No. 1.

Wouldn’t that be special?


The Wazzu beatdown at Cal was so thorough that I have only two words for it: Justin Wilcox.

If Texas A&M rumors can fan so much heat in Happy Valley that James Franklin needs to reaffirm his vows with Penn State, imagine what will happen when the Pony Express arrives in College Station with the news about Cal’s pounding of the unbeaten Cougars?

Here’s the Big Ten angle: Wilcox spent last year as defensive coordinator at Wisconsin. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.