The last Washington anyone fully trusted probably answered to “George.”

Never count on Wash-outs to get the job done, under pressure, when it counts, ranked in the top 10, in the heat of a playoff race.

It is still next-to-impossible for me to fathom that Washington and Washington State, with those offenses, could combine to score 10 points against Cal and Arizona State.

And you wonder why, every week, half the nation falls asleep on Pac 12 After Midnight.

This could have been their years.  They could have been contenders. They could have been somebodies.

There was heightened optimism in Pullman because Washington State finally got through a season opener without losing it—a first in the Mike Leach era. The Cougars raced out to 6-0 before Friday the 13th in Berkeley—a freak-show scenario if ever there was one.

The game was touch-and-go with people wheezing on smoke and ash from those horrific, deadly, nearby wild fires. The Air Quality Index “dipped” to 159, which might have choked a horse but was palatable enough for the Pac 12 office to issue a “release-and-insist” order.

Washington State should have protested by donning surgical masks for the national anthem. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.