The Pac 12’s climb to the playoff has become precarious, but not impossible. That’s right—NOT.

It’s going to require perfect climbing conditions, however, with tight-fitting crampons, a pick-ax and maybe two Sherpas.

It will necessitate a massive public relations campaign, a field office, volunteers and plenty of luck.

It’s going to require Washington not losing any more games in a conference that has become increasingly top-to-bottom feisty.

It would also help if ESPN, one of the Pac 12’s business partners, would cease putting out misinformation, or favoring one playoff candidate over another.

ESPN Productions did a hatchet job a few weeks ago on Washington’s “weak” non-conference schedule. With incomplete context, it fired salvos, on national television, against its own inventory.

You frankly almost never see ESPN talent, while on the air, take shots at a Big Ten national contender.

Writing off the Pac, though, is like shooting trout in a barrel. Or making fun of LaVar Ball. It’s easy to dismiss the conference on so many fronts—starting with its time-zone problems and all those goofy, late-night starts.

It didn’t help when Washington Coach Chris Petersen complained about the late-night starts and then lost one of them, 13-7, at Arizona State. He came off, to some, as a whiner.

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