Among the many pros and cons of spending your life as a sportswriter, there’s this. . .

You really need to like school fight songs. Because you’re going to hear them over and over. When you’re trying to write. When you’re trying to think. When you’re trying to. . . do just about anything.

Lucky for me, I like school fight songs.

I was in the band in high school. The Marching Warriors of Deerfield High School. Might have been first trombone, maybe even vice-president of the band. The band director, Mr. Spriester, might have enjoyed making me, a lefty, conduct righthanded, when he and the trumpet-playing band president needed a break.

Band was not a thing for me in college, though. In college, they practiced way too much, although their drinking habits were impressive.

The point is, I still have opinions about fight songs. And the truth is, they’re all pretty good in the Big Ten.

Which is fortunate. Because they are played early and often. Ridiculously often.

And so, today’s question is: If you have to listen to fight songs too many times, which ones would you rather hear too many times?

I could riff on the ultimate dream/nightmare fight-song matchup—North Carolina and Oklahoma, two songs that are impossible to get out of your head. I could wonder why Cal and UCLA seem to have the same fight song, which, fortunately, is a pretty good one.

But I am going to confine this to Big Ten fight songs. Because those are the ones I have heard too often the most times. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.