After a one-week trial period of mediocre picking we’re ready to put out a shingle and start billing ourselves Rankman & Son. Last week’s 3-3 combined record revealed enough cosmic karma to convince Senior to add “Child 2” as a Junior partner. “Child 2” had to pass a basic proficiency test to prove he understood the fundamentals.  What’s the difference between “getting” and “giving” points? What do you know about the point-shaving scandal at CCNY in the 1950s? That’s right, Father & Son is more than a Cat Stevens song. Becoming a synchronized swimming team required “quality” time watching the “Bad Beats” segment of Scott Van Pelt’s nightly show on Sports Center, maybe the best show ESPN has commissioned since “Cheap Seats.” Dads need to pass certain things along to the children. The other night I was telling “Child 2” a story about the old days, before the internet, when book makers in Las Vegas had to be creative to get information about games. Assessing the “over-under” line required calling airports in each city to get readings on the weather and the wind. Then I blew my own advice last week and bet the “over” on Colorado at Washington State not realizing the game was going to be played in a freezing rain. This cost me a winning week.  We’ve only got a few weeks left to get this right.


The Games

USC giving 3 1\2 vs. ARIZONA STATE

Penn State getting 6 1\2 vs. OHIO STATE

Oklahoma State giving 7 1\2 vs WEST VIRGINIA



Washington State vs. ARIZONA (64 1\2)

Utah vs OREGON (50)



Child Locks

Florida State giving 3 1\2 vs. BOSTON COLLEGE (Friday)

Houston vs SOUTH FLORIDA (56 1\2) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.  

Child locks: 1-1