My worst college football fears were realized Tuesday when the selection committee released a ranking that could be trusted.

What happened to the sport I’ve loved and ridiculed all these years?

Say what you want about the Bowl Championship Series, which ran roughshod for 16 years, but it was way more entertaining than the bank account statement the committee released this week.

Just look at how different the committee ranking was compared to the AP and USA Today coaches’ polls, which used to help determine our champions as part of the BCS standings “formula.”

The polls have Alabama at No.1–the committee selected Georgia, which has played a more formidable schedule.

The polls have Ohio State ranked ahead of Oklahoma while the committee, instead, used common sense to understand that Oklahoma beat Ohio State this year–in Columbus.

The polls have Wisconsin ranked No. 4, which would put the Badgers in the playoff right now. The committee looked at Wisconsin’s weak schedule and backed the Badgers up to No. 9.

Part of the joy of college football has been the utter nonsense it has created during its regular season and the fact it was NOT like the cold, calculated NFL.

Let’s hope the committee just got lucky this week because it has shown signs of lunacy in the past–remember that first year with Baylor and TCU? Or even last year, when it left the Big Ten champion out of the playoff but delivered the Big Ten East division runner up to a 31-0 semifinal loss to Clemson.

Nothing, however, will ever touch the madness of a BCS system that left USC out of the 2003 championship despite being No.1 in both polls. Or what about Nebraska, in 2001, getting to the championship game after a crushing loss at Colorado? Or Florida State edging Miami for the No.2 spot in 2000?

A stodgy committee back then would have said, “No way, Miami beat FSU on the field.”

To borrow from Alabama Coach Nick Saban, Tuesday’s first CFP reveal was “rat poison” to those of us who lived for chaos, controversy and bickering. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.