What, no more November baseball on FOX? And just when we were starting to get interested. Here’s a little factoid: The 1927 World Series, won by the Yankees over the Pittsburgh Pirates, ended on Oct. 8. Babe Ruth hit two home runs in the clincher but Lou Gehrig went 0-for-5 with two Ks, which was obviously edited from “Pride of the Yankees.” You think Lou’s mom didn’t suffer enough? It was nice of baseball to finally step aside and allow college football one solid month to itself, without Joe Buck, where we can start concentrating on SEC coaching rumors. God’s Conference always keeps us on our toes. Those of us who had Ed Orgeron, Butch Jones and\or Bret Bielema as the first coach to lose his SEC job lost to Jim McElwain at Florida. The Gators fooled us by invoking the rarely-used clause about a head coach faking and\or exaggerating reports about death threats issued to his family. We haven’t seen anything like this in the SEC since Ole Miss dropped the “moral turpitude” fine print on Hugh Freeze. This is also the conference that fired Mike Price before he coached a game at Alabama for violating the school’s spring-break, strip-club provision. McElwain’s firing is now impacting several fan bases worried Florida is going to raid their schools of either: Matt Campbell (Iowa State), Scott Frost (Central Florida), Justin Fuente (Virginia Tech) or Mike Norvell (Memphis). And this could just be the beginning on the SEC coaching carousel. These rumors have had a huge impact on the “comments” section of this week’s Rankman ranking. Fans in Memphis have to be genuinely concerned knowing the only young star who never left town for a better gig was Elvis.


1: Alabama (8-0): We get what the committee did but not even Gladys Knight and the Pips would bet the midnight train on Georgia.  (1)

2: Georgia (8-0): Kirby sends selection committee a note after No.1 saying, “Just how much did Saban pay you for this?” (2)

3: Notre Dame (8-1): School unfamiliar with process calls P.R. people at Oregon and Louisville to get ideas about winning a “Heisman.”  (9) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.