A bad day or week at Black Rock, which meant a lot of near misses, only one win (we picked against Rutgers, what a shock) and five losses.

Our buddy The Locksmith continued to be a .500 guy, which isn’t something to brag about if it keeps happening week after week.

But we are still solidly above. 500 for the season and we move into the crunch part of the season in November.

So let’s see what we have.

The Games

A Jersey Guy

Arizona getting 7.5 vs. USC

Clemson giving 7 vs. N.C. STATE

Auburn giving 15.5 vs. TEXAS A&M


UTAH vs. UCLA O/U 59

UCF vs. SMU O/U 75.5

Penn State vs. MICHIGAN STATE 0/U 47.

The Locksmith

Penn State giving 9 vs. MICHIGAN STATE

North Carolina State vs. CLEMSON  O/U 51 The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.