Rankman always wanted to go into “business” with one of my sons. Maybe a roadside fruit stand, or a tire store “Don’t Tread on Us.” Anything not in the newspaper business. We decided on picking games, not strawberries, just for fun at the moment. There is no better quality time spent than the time spent with a child checking the game-time weather reports in places like Pullman or Colorado Springs. It raises goose pimples to think I could answer the question “Dad, if Stanford is ‘getting’ two points at Washington State that means WSU is favored by two?” Yes, son…YES! Parents don’t talk much to their kids anymore so it’s been fun sitting around the TV on Saturday screaming together at corrupt officials and coaches who seem to be making every decision based on the Las Vegas line. Some day maybe we will open that fruit stand, but right now my pocket book is filled with grapes of wrath. If you’re keeping tally on the TMG pickers you’ll notice some of us are doing better than others. But my trade-deadline acquisition of “Child 2” has worked out a lot better than the Dodgers did with Yu Darvish. We’re looking for a big rally in the final pennant push drive and a triumphant Game 7 victory that will result in someone getting to kiss Kate Upton. Or, better yet, the L.A. Angels coming to multi-season terms with Justin Upton.

The Games

UCLA getting 6 1\2 vs. UTAH

Stanford getting 2 vs. WASHINGTON STATE

Northwestern getting 1 vs. NEBRASKA


Arizona vs. USC (72 1\2)

Baylor vs. KANSAS (61 1\2)

South Carolina vs. GEORGIA (45)


Child “locks”

South Carolina getting 24 1\2 vs. GEORGIA

Army vs. AIR FORCE (56 1\2) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.