It’s that time of year when good teams show up—and that’s the way to pick.

There will be surprises, but I am not looking for them. That’s why I’m going with the better teams this week, regardless of point spread, home/road factor or trap-game potential.

I’ll tell you how that worked out on Saturday night.

Meanwhile, I remain eight games over .500 (31-23) after yet another 3-3 week. Unlike the three previous 3-3s, which required strong comebacks, this one started with great promise, and felt disappointing at the end.

I am proud of foreseeing that Notre Dame and Georgia would roll, and that Penn State would keep it close. I am disappointed in Indiana for muffing its chance at Maryland. And surprised that TCU bumbled away its chances at Iowa State with red-zone gaffes.

And I am happy for my friend Pat Fitzgerald that I was wrong in assuming Michigan State would be the better team at Northwestern.

Good luck in sports.


Penn State minus 8-1/2 at Michigan State

Wisconsin minus 13-/12 at Indiana

Northwestern plus 1 at Nebraska

Ohio State minus 17-1/2 at Iowa

Wake Forest plus 14 at Notre Dame

LSU plus 21 at Alabama The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.