There’s a series of commercials for a Big Ten Network show, Sports Lite, in which coaches act playfully standoffish with host Mike Hall.

In his spot, Urban Meyer stands there saying, “No,’’ to every question Hall asks.

That’s kind of what happened during Meyer’s 3-1/2-minute post-mortem after his Buckeyes had been pummeled and abused by Iowa 55-24.

“No’’ and “I don’t know’’ were among the answers.

Only so much can be blamed on the pink visitors’ locker room.

No, I didn’t see this coming, either. Not from an Iowa that failed to score 20 points against four of its first five Big Ten opponents, the exception being hapless Illinois, and that doesn’t really count.

One thing I do know: On one crazy Saturday afternoon, the Big Ten’s playoff candidates went from three to one.

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