Welcome to November, the time of year when College Football America again dominates Saturdays.  No more baseball, the NFL is getting ready for its final regular season push, too early to take anything that happens in basketball or hockey seriously.

And, it also means Saturdays are dominated by conference races being decided, rankings that have some bite and meaning, Heisman contenders and pretenders being decided. All of this played out each week from noon to midnight, coast to coast.

EXCEPT, of course, if you play football in the Mid-American Conference.

Take last Saturday, for example. You had dramatic conference games in the ACC (Virginia Tech-Miami), Big Ten (Ohio State-Iowa, Penn State-Michigan State), Big 12 (Oklahoma-Oklahoma State) and Pac-12 (USC–Arizona).

This week we have Miami-Notre Dame, TCU-Oklahoma, and Auburn-Georgia as the main course of the Saturday college football menu.

What we didn’t have last week and what we won’t have this week or on ANY Saturday for the entire month of November is a MAC game.

It would seem that there has been a palace coup in the MAC which is being run by people who follow the philosophy of legendary Wall Street character, Gordon Gekko (played by Michael Douglas). Greed is good. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.