A person identified as “Child 2” in the recent FBI probe on harmless college football wagering involving fathers and sons…went 2-0 last week. This potential Pick ‘Em prodigy, who is eagerly awaiting a Supreme Court decision that could legalize sports gambling in all 50 states, is plus-two overall since being taken out of class to be home schooled in Chino Hills. Wait, that’s another Chino Hills father and his son. With success, however, comes responsibility, so “Child 2” is getting more games to work with this week as his old man licks the wounds of another lost weekend in which he needed a fourth-quarter scoring surge from USC and Arizona to cover “over” just to salvage a 2-4 record.  “Child 2” last week, and quite easily frankly, handled his business with picking South Carolina to cover 24 1\2 vs. Georgia and Army at Air Force to go “under” on the afternoon. “Child 2” noted the running proclivities of these service academy run-option teams and also forecasts of 20-to-30 mph winds in Colorado Springs. As a father it was like taking the training wheels off his Schwinn.  Rankman will back off a tad this week, hire an outside firm to conduct an in-house autopsy on his wagering strategies and practices, with the hope of making this a “November to Remember” against the line.  “Child 2” is getting the yeoman’s load this week and will be picking six games. Dad will take two, and we’ll take it from there.


The Games

Duke giving three vs. ARMY

Michigan State getting 16 1\2 vs. OHIO STATE

Florida getting 7 vs. SOUTH CAROLINA


Washington vs. STANFORD (45)

Notre Dame vs MIAMI (57 1\2)

Wyoming vs. AIR FORCE (53)


Father Knows Bets:

Oregon State getting 22 vs.  ARIZONA

Washington State  vs. UTAH (52) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.