News flash: The Badgers need to win out to make the College Football Playoff.

Analysis: Who doesn’t need to win out to make the playoff?

My old place of business, the Chicago Sun-Times, is doing Podcasts in Print. So consider the above two observations Twitter in Print.

Here’s the deal. . .

At No. 5, behind Alabama, Clemson, Miami and Oklahoma Wisconsin is right where it ought to be. Win out, and it moves into the top four in place of the Clemson-Miami loser.

Here’s what I like about the latest CFP rankings. They are neatly positioned to give us entrants from four of the Power 5 conferences.

You don’t need a news flash to know that the Pac-12 is the odd league out. Many of us knew that even before the Shoplifting in China episode. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.