We are in the scramble mode to stay above .500 each week, which is the way it goes in the wild wacky world of college football gambling.  The good news is that we are staying ahead of our TMG regular competition, but that pesky kid that Rankman has hired is a growing concern.

But we digress, we were 3-3-1 and were proud of our bonus pick of taking Miami in an easy win over Notre Dame, which has muffled our ND fan (what a shock).

Our buddy The Locksmith needs to make a strong surge. He was 0-2 last week and grumbling about it the entire time.

The Games

A Jersey Guy

UAB getting 10 vs. FLORIDA

FIU getting 14.5 vs. FAU

UCLA getting 16.5 vs. USC


Kentucky vs. GEORIA 0/U 50.5

Duke vs. GEORGIA  TECH O/U 47.5

Texas vs. WEST VIRGINIA O/U 53.5

The Locksmith

Michigan getting 7.5 vs. WISCONSIN

Texas vs. WEST VIRGINIA O/U 53.5 The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.