“Child 2” came through again last week to earn another full plate of odds-and-ends. Junior was a valuable mid-season call up from AAA Pick-tucket and has thus far impressed the front-office staff with the gnarl on his fastball and his every-day starter stuff.  Kid was 4-2 last week and is 10-6 overall with a quality WHIP (Wagering vs. House Index Percentage). Rankman remains in the Pick 3 Friday rotation only because of his huge contract and access to the TMG sign-in code. In the old days of the four-man rotation we Angels’ fans used to say “Tanana and Ryan and two days of cryin.” At TMG headquarters the one-two punch saying is “Rankman & Son” but there’s really only one.” We carry on into the dying light of November to forge a late-season rally for the aged and the ages. Three more regular-season weekends means three more weekends to level the score and even the ledger. And then there’s bowl-picking season!


Child Locks

Army getting 2.5 vs. NORTH TEXAS

Syracuse getting 13 vs LOUISVILLE

Texas getting 3 1\2 vs. WEST VIRGINIA



Arizona vs. OREGON (74 1\2)

Oklahoma vs. KANSAS (70 1\2)

Central Florida vs. TEMPLE (55)


Father Knows Bets

Cal vs. STANFORD (55 1\2)

Arizona getting 1 vs. OREGON The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.