Stuck in a rut here. You know it’s really uncomfortable when you make a set of picks, and realize you easily could make a case for going the opposite way in every single game.

What’s even worse is when you can look back at wrong picks and say, “I’d do it the same way again.’’ That’s the definition of college football insanity.

But on the bright side, I’ve noticed that a lot of “experts’’ have been making the same picks as me. With the same results. And last week’s 2-4 was an improvement on the previous week’s 1-5. And at 34-32, I remain determined to finish strong.

Good luck in sports.


Michigan plus-7-1/2 at Wisconsin

Rutgers plus-11 at Indiana

Minnesota plus-7-1/2 at Northwestern

Navy plus-18 at Notre Dame

Purdue plus-7-1/2 at Iowa

Maryland plus-16 at Michigan State

UAB plus-10-1/2 at Florida

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