What’s the deal with Notre Dame football?

Before the Fighting Irish went from South Bend to South Beach and jettisoned their national-championship hopes, they seemed like a real threat. Excellent running game. Tenacious turnover-grabbing defense. Athletic quarterback who could tuck it and run, and who seemed to be improving at making the occasional clutch throw.

Then the 41-8 Miami disaster happened. It was followed by Saturday’s survive-and-advance 24-17 win over Navy. The Irish, who wore Rockne-era uniforms, turned in a leather-helmet performance.

What we’ve found out in their last three games is that ND is good. But not as good as we thought they were in their first eight games. Chalk it up to being inexperienced at quarterback, worn down in many places and feelng more heat from determined opponents. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.