“Child 2” got a bad taste of the gambling nightlife last week when a last-seconds North Texas field goal blew Army’s 2.5 cover in the dark, Denton dankness. The Kid also put his faith in West Virginia at home vs. Texas not knowing Mountaineers’ quarterback Will Grier would get injured during the game. There are things you just can’t know. Kid put aside his heartbreak and rallied to a 3-3 week and stands 13-9 overall since he was hired mid-season by a search firm that was told to search for someone who could pick college football games better than Rankman was picking them.  Rankman & Son have two weeks remaining to crawl back over .500 for the season. It remains unclear whether “Child 2” will continue to pick the bowl-season slate or sit out to protect his future in the 2018 Fantasy League Draft. This week’s picks:


Child Locks

Clemson giving 14 vs. SOUTH CAROLINA

Washington State getting 10.5 vs. WASHINGTON

Boston College giving 3.5 vs. SYRACUSE

South Florida vs. CENTRAL FLORIDA (62)

Boise State vs. FRESNO STATE (48.5)

Louisville vs. KENTUCKY (68)


Father knows bets

Arizona giving 2 1\2 vs. ARIZONA STATE

Cal vs. UCLA (64) The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.