You always want more. A 5-3 mark last week was good. It halted a scary November slide. But it coulda, shoulda, woulda been better.

Ohio State, an 11-1/2-point favorite, winning by 11? Where’s the justice in that? The Buckeyes should have been given an extra point for making their comeback without starter J.T. Barrett, viciously attacked by a cameraman who is still at-large.

And shame on me for not listening to my gut and picking Wisconsin, scared off by a massive 17-point line in a rivalry game with row-the-sinking-boat Gophers. Gut also said it was Auburn’s turn in the Iron Bowl, but was washed away by omnipresent Saban/Bama Kool-Aid.

So we’re going with the gut—and the ESPN Pick Center—this week. I not only have located the Pick Center on the ESPN website. I’m reasonably sure I understand how to read it.

What does it matter now?

But wait! There’s more! Word is leaking out from the TMG home office in Chino Hills that we may be conducting a Bowl Picks contest. With (modest) prizes! Stay tuned.

Good luck in sports. . .


USC minus-4 vs. Stanford

UCF minus-7 vs. Memphis

Auburn minus-2-1/2 vs. Georgia

Clemson minus-9-1/2 vs. Miami

Ohio State minus-6-1/2 vs. Wisconsin

Oklahoma minus-7 vs. TCU

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