If The Committee wants Alabama, The Committee obviously can have Alabama. I don’t have a problem with Ohio State being snubbed. I wouldn’t have done it that way, because the Alabama that I saw in November didn’t dazzle, and I’m not just talking about the loss to Auburn.

In a bizarre but very minor sort of way, though, The Committee declared its independence.

If it had chosen the Buckeyes, everyone would have said the fix was in, that Jim Delany and the Big Ten always get their way.

Now we can say that that’s not always the case. Then again, considering that Nick Saban—who always gets his way, too—won this staredown, the fix was simply in for another branch of college sports’ royal family.

What we really learned, though, is how The Committee does the math.

It gathers the nation’s finest pigskin minds, puts all of those stats into a top-secret algorithm and comes up with this magic statistical formula.

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