How about a quick rant on. . . uniforms?

When it comes to uniforms—same as with music, hair and tattoos—I always try to defend the rights of an individual to make choices I don’t understand. And actually, I would be very interested in reading a piece in which athletes (and others) explain the fascination with tattoos that cover massive portions of the body.

My freedom-of-choice advocacy started, of course, with hair. When I entered high school in the ‘60s, there was an assistant dean who measured sideburns with a ruler. . . in relation to the earlobe, I believe.

The same ruler was used to measure the length of skirts, in relation to the knee.

The sideburns were for the boys. The skirts were for the girls. They were simpler times.

In music, give me classic rock, Big Band, blues and jazz—and you can have the rest. But I will defend your right to listen to sounds that I find annoying.

I mention these things because so many of my bedrock principles of uniforms are routinely ignored.

I try to be good with the rampant dubious decisions I see. But I will still have thoughts. Like these. . .

First, the only people who should wear all-white uniforms are Penn State and Colonel Sanders.

On everybody else, it looks like they forgot to put on their pants. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.