Oklahoma vs. Georgia. Alabama vs. Clemson.

I won’t quibble about the Crimson Tide selection for at least a few more paragraphs. I’ll even concede from the outset that this foursome earned its way into the College Football Playoff fair and square.

But I do want to ponder the aesthetics of this group: What you’ve got here is three teams from the Waffle House Corridor and one from the league most likely to implode.

Excellent teams? No question. Hallowed programs? Sure.

But do vast portions of the country—take the Yankee Northeast, the stodgy Midwest and the surfin’ West Coast, for example—have a rooting interest? Only if they have grits or a long-running Rodgers and Hammerstein musical in their ancestry.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with these schools. They’ve all played marvelous football this fall. Well, maybe not Alabama, if you ask Nick Saban. . .

Sometimes I wish we could just get on with the evolutionary march of college sports. Let the fittest four leagues carve up the Big 12 already. Let’s get to our four super-sized mega-leagues so we can have a tidy little playoff that has teams from around the country.

Maybe we’ll have Oklahoma representing the Pac-12—unless the Big Ten commish, Jim Delany, makes the Sooners and Longhorns an offer they can’t refuse.

With four leagues, Notre Dame will have to stop with the to-be-or-not-to-be melodrama—and join up somewhere.

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