(An outsider’s observations about what is going on at Boston College, aka The Heights)

 My bad.

Going back to one of my all time favorite movies Animal House,  I screwed up. I trusted Boston College to play its bowl game like a program that was in an upward climb out of the abyss of mediocrity, which had characterized the past five seasons under the guidance of coach Steve Addazio.

I read all the positive signs from a season which had produced an All America-caliber running back in freshman AJ Dillon. I saw unexpected wins against teams such as Florida State and Louisville. I saw a season that was again peaking at the end of its cycle with easy wins over UConn and Syracuse.

I saw the potential for a major breakthrough  for BC and Addazio, who appeared to have not only saved his job, but secured it.

Getting an eighth win was a milestone for an Addazio team at BC that seemed reasonable since the Eagles’ opponent in Wednesday night’s  Pinstripe Bowl was a mediocre Iowa team which didn’t appear to have much of an incentive to play on the frozen tundra of Yankee Stadium two days after Christmas against a nondescript BC team (more about that later).

So I drank the “cool” aid.

BC was going to continue its climb. A win over Iowa would piggy back into an optimistic off season and hopes of finally putting BC back into the top half of the ever-so tough Atlantic Coast Conference.

Maybe not to the levels of a decade ago when the Eagles won back to back ACC Atlantic Division titles, but part of the conversation as a team which could sneak in through the side door.

Silly me.

I felt like Charlie Brown staring up at Lucy after she pulled the football away just before he tries to kick it.

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