I was somewhere over the Heartland trying to get home from the mother of all Rose Bowls when it suddenly hit me: For a conference that is supposed to be vastly overrated, the Southeastern Conference has done okay in the sport of college football this season:

No. 3 Georgia and No. 4 Alabama, having been placed in the College Football Playoff, proceeded to beat No. 2 Oklahoma and No. 1 Clemson respectively on Jan. 1. Thus, two teams from the same conference (SEC) will play for national championship on Monday night in Atlanta.

Now it turns out that not everybody is particularly excited about the SEC’s run of success late in the 2017.

That’s understandable but by now you would think the SEC critics would have gotten used to it.


**–For the 11th time in the past 12 years, an SEC team will be playing in the national championship game.  The rundown:

2006—Florida defeated Ohio State

2007—LSU defeated Ohio State

2008—Florida defeated Oklahoma

2009—Alabama defeated Texas

2010—Auburn defeated Oregon

2011—Alabama defeated LSU

2012—Alabama defeated Notre Dame

2013—Florida State defeated Auburn

2014—No SEC team; Ohio State beat Oregon

2015—Alabama defeated Clemson

2016—Clemson defeated Alabama

2017—Georgia vs. Alabama

**–And now, for the second time in seven years two SEC teams (Georgia and Alabama) will meet for the national championship Monday night in Atlanta. Alabama beat LSU for the 2011 national championship.

**–That means for the ninth time in the past 12 years college football’s national champion will come from the SEC.

Again, not everyone is pleased.

To those folks we offer this gentle piece of advice:

Get over it.

Here are just some of the complaints I’ve received since the close of business Monday night:

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