You were wrong as late as last Wednesday to suggest things couldn’t get worse for the Pac 12.

You failed miserably to anticipate Thursday night’s halftime show at the Pac 12 Tournament, in Las Vegas, during which a performance by the “Australian Bee Gees” was butchered so badly it made you reconsider Rosanne’s rendition of the national anthem.

Naturally, it wasn’t the band’s fault, and the Pac 12 issued an apology for the “technical-audio difficulties they experienced.”

It was the worst catastrophe associated with the Bee Gees since their hit “New York Mining Disaster 1941.”

But then came Saturday, after Arizona, a team under heavy FBI scrutiny, won the Pac 12 title over the USC Wire Taps. Pac 12 commissioner Larry Scott was booed so lustily at the post-game ceremonies Arizona Coach Sean Miller could be seen mouthing “Don’t do that” to his fans.

Think about that. Sean Miller offering comfort to someone else in the Pac 12.

That led to Sunday’s face-slap, when the NCAA selection committee armed-guard ushered only three Pac 12 schools into its 68-field tournament.

Most experts had the Pac, even in a down year, getting four teams.

Wait, it gets worse. Two of the schools, UCLA and Arizona State, are double-digit seeds jettisoned to play-in games in Dayton.

UCLA plays St. Bonaventure on Tuesday while Arizona State faces Syracuse on Wednesday.

UCLA fans haven’t thought about Dayton since the Bruins’ 1967 national title win over the Flyers in Louisville. This is the most humiliating “side-hatch bracket” assignment for UCLA since 1974, when it had to play Kansas in the consolation game after losing in double OT to North Carolina State in the national semifinals.

Fourth-seeded Arizona, the last Pac 12 team to win an NCAA basketball title, is now the conference’s best chance to win the title again—but then maybe have to vacate it.

But the NCAA selection committee really had the good, last laugh on USC, which finished second in the league and then advanced to the tournament title game.

The Trojans’ exclusion, despite its RPI of 34, unleashed the hounds of conspiracy theorists still burnt at the NCAA Infractions committee for disproportionately hammering USC in the Reggie Bush case. The rest of this article is available to subscribers only – to become a subscriber click here.