Unlike some seasons which are far too long, college basketball has figured it out. It has a three week season which draws attention from all over the country and from one of the widest fan bases in sports (who is not filling out a bracket this week?)

Yes, we are into March Madness and a 68 team event that generates the NCAA $1 billion dollars.

The regular season which started before Thanksgiving?  Forgetaboutit, although some of the NCAA selection committee’s decisions on including Oklahoma, a team that basically stopped playing after January 1, remains a mystery.

The prevailing, underlying story line of course is whether the ongoing FBI investigation will provide more off the court headlines just as teams are preparing for the first of 3 two-game tournaments in their march towards the Final Four in San Antonio.

But for now, let’s keep a positive attitude and stick with basketball items for as long as we can.

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