Let’s see NCAA headquarters screw this up! (Wait, don’t give these guys a challenge).

The three-week tournament may be the last, purest, realist thing the organization has left in its arsenal. It would take ineptitude of the highest order to sabotage the best unscripted drama in sports.

Not even NCAA President Mark Emmert, who overreached on Penn State sanctions but allowed North Carolina to skate, can spike strip this.

Not even Rick Pitino, who thinks what he did at Louisville has maybe earned him a shot to coach at Georgia, can dampen our enthusiasm.

This has been the dirtiest, scummiest, slimiest, most hypocritical and dysfunctional year in the history of college athletics.

Yet, thankfully, I think the NCAA Tournament is scandal proof.

What has transpired in college athletics, and what may soon come down, can actually be put aside for a few days in March.

My guess is even FBI agents working to bring the NCAA down are happy to put their snitches on hold while everyone fills out their brackets.

I don’t think that’s going to change, even if another championship gets vacated or all the best high school players are allowed to go straight to the NBA.

There is something about the NCAA Tournament that allows it to remain isolated and inoculated from the sordid underbelly that otherwise envelops the sport.

As long as Iona has a chance to beat Duke, count me in.

If that changes, well, count me out.

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