COLUMBIA, S.C.—The mood surrounding the South Carolina football program this Spring was overwhelmingly positive. And let’s be clear on this: The upbeat attitude I found wasn’t just a feeling. It was backed up by tangible, brick-and-mortar things that give the Gamecocks and their fans every reason to believe that the trajectory of the football program, in its third season under Will Muschamp, is headed upward. Specifically:

**–Late this Fall South Carolina will put the finishing touches on a $50 million football operations center that will be a good as any the Southeastern Conference. For the longest time South Carolina’s football facilities have been scattered over several different areas on the campus. Now they will be under one roof and attached to the Jerri and Steve Spurrier indoor practice facility, which represents another $14.3 million commitment.

Here is what the operations center will look like upon completion.


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