CHICAGO—Two things you need to know about Urban Meyer. . .

1. He is 47-3 in Big Ten conference games. Think about that.

2. On Monday, he fired assistant coach Zach Smith, days after an Ohio judge issued an order that forbids Smith from coming within 500 feet of his ex-wife. Other domestic assault accusations against Smith were made in 2009 and 2015.

Both of those incidents were investigated, Meyer said: “What was reported [in 2009] wasn’t actually what happened. In, 2015, there was nothing.’’

This time, he indicated, there definitely was something.

“You gather information, get your mind right and then step up to do the right thing,’’ he told Big Ten media on Tuesday . “That’s the position I hold. It’s The Ohio State University. [It] is bigger than all of us.’’

Smith, who played for Meyer at Bowling Green and coached under him at Florida as well as Ohio State, is the grandson of the late Buckeyes coach Earle Bruce.

“Coach Bruce is the strongest relationship I’ve ever had other than my father,’’ Meyer said. “I’ve made that clear many, many times. So the big picture, that was very important in this particular situation, you know, I think that’s one of the hard jobs of a leader. You have to make decisions that are for the best of the program, and I did.’’

1 and 2.

Very difficult things to do.


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