You know you have reached a certain level of notoriety when a simple one-or-two word description is all that is necessary for identification purposes.

Rock and Roll fans, as well as former Presidents, know the identity of “The Boss.”

If you are a music or movie fan, you need only say Cher.

On the political front, both positively and negatively, you only have to say “The Donald” to know the subject.

And that brings us to college football’s latest storm, involving Ohio State coach Urban Meyer and whether he was aware one of his assistant coaches was involved in a domestic violence issue.

We have now reached that next-level point with these three words: “Big Ten East,” the most scandalous, dark-alley division in college football.

When former ESPN reporter Brett McMurphy posted a story on his Facebook page, providing specific and on-the-record details of a domestic violence case involving former Ohio State assistant coach Zach Smith, Meyer faced a generational old question:

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